Who we are

Valeria Hristova
/Interior designer/


  Borislav Chobanov
/Project manager/


About us

      Two Creative is a design studio specializing in the planning and design of residential and public spaces. Our team is small, but creative and able enough to carry out all your ideas.
     For us design is not just a job but a way to make the world around us a little better and more beautiful. We do not set limits to imagination, but give freedom of thoughts and ideas. Because we believe that the basis of everything that exists is the thought, the idea, our intent is to bring life to every good idea. We work with passion and create art with love. We approach to each interior design as we approach to a piece of art.  We are looking for unique sound of every project – to bring intimation, to provoke emotions, to evoke the senses. With fresh ideas, an eye for the details and a sense of aesthetics, we strive with each new project to surpass ourselves, to overcome our own limitations, to achieve perfection.
     We do not blindly follow the fashion trends and do not consider stereotypes; we refract them through the prism of inspiration. That's why our products have soul, strength, beauty and fineness.
     You, our customers are important to us. We know that the desires, preferences, views and your needs are different, individual. That is why they have a major role in your project. We know that you turn to us, because you need help, guidance, advice. We will not betray the vote of confidence placed in us and we will pay attention to the smallest detail. Perseverance and hard work help us to be open to each new challenge, self-criticism and responsibility lead us to self-improvement and organization, meeting deadlines and strict monitoring of quality.
     Together with You, we create a design that comes to life. But our greatest reward is the satisfaction of a well done job.