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Industrial style - rough and simple, but comfortable and very topical

The industrial style is among the most popular styles in modern interior design. The reason lies in its simplicity. Here the emphasis is on practical and functional purpose of the home.

20 years DJIA

DJIA - one of the annual partner companies of Dibla, celebrated his 20th birthday. The party on the occasion of the jubilee was in their office at Tcaribrod 33 street in Varna. Friends and Partners, architects and designers were among the invitees ...

First National Design Forum Design> People

The time is 1 to 3 April 2016. Place - Plovdiv. The main characters - the 100 "best" in design guild. The event - Design>People - the first national business  forum in the field of interior design.

Scandinavian style - genuine comfort

Scandinavian style embodies the spirit and charm of authentic alpiska house. It forms are simplified, the vision of furniture and accessories is modest, the colors are bright, clear and clean. Still, the Scandinavian style is not boring and uncomfortable.

Golden section - perfect proportion

There is a golden key that brings together all the mysteries of the universe. It is the source of all true art and science. This is the golden section - the original spiral.


Minimalist style - less is more

The modern minimalist style in the interior is a kind of reflection of today's dynamic lifestyle - tranquility that emit light simplified and elegant forms, as if absorbing the stresses and strains of working life.

The color of 2016. - for the first time two shades

The brand Pantone's "institution" that determine who is the most popular color of the year in fashion and design. It was established in the 50s of the last century ...

Marsala - the color of 2015.

The Institute of colors "Pantone" deals with predicting fashion trends in color, as well as personalized consulting companies when choosing a color for their brands or products.In a competitive global marketplace ,successful brands rely on influence power of color to distinguish and identify.

Tropical style - floral oasis

The tropical style is colorful, positive and fresh. It features comfort, warmth and light exotic as it uses themes from the jungle soothing colors and natural elements. Traditional tropical homes have evolved so as to correspond to the natural conditions ...

Fractals and their application in architecture and design.

In ancient art and architecture, people often used the fractal patterns as a symbol of beauty and sanctity - infinitely complex and yet each part contains the seed through to recreate the whole. There is many examples using fractal scaling.