Why you should hire an interior designer?

     It is widely believed that the design service is an expensive pleasure and not everyone has the ability to afford it these days. Actually, we are pleased to refute this opinion, assuring you that beauty is not always expensive. Sometimes it turns out the opposite - with more affordable materials and modest elements selected with flair and combined with taste is achieved stunning effect.
     On one hand, the complex design of the interior and prefabricated visualization will give you a much clearer idea how furniture, colors, materials and decorations are combined. So before starting work on your interior, you will know exactly how it will look, and you can change its elements even on the project level. This will avoid future errors and discrepancies in the furnishing.
     On the other hand, the whole process of designing your interior will save you a great deal of time, money and effort, as we know best where to find the right products for your project at affordable prices. Naturally, all this happens with your participation and approval at each stage of the work. If you have specific preferences for companies whose products you want to use, we will comply with your wishes. If not, we will give you advice and guidance in this aspect.
     If you have an idea for your interior, If you do not have one, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to help you build your little world with fantasy.

What includes the interior design project?

     The stages of the interior design project are divided into three main groups: the review stage, preparation of conceptual design and preparation of working draft.

The review stage includes:
       Familiarization with the site - site visiting, making all dimensions required, taking pictures;
       Conversation with the customer - for their preferences, requirements and present, budgeting and determining the the implementation deadline;
       Presentation styles in the design and discussion of concrete ideas.

The conceptual design includes:
       Preparation of functional layout of the
different rooms;
       Preparation of realistic 3D visualizations of the premises, which set real existing products in the commercially;
       Preparation of realistic 3D virtual tour of the project;
       Presentation of the conceptual design and make changes / if necessary / to clearing and approving the project.

The working draft includes:
       Preparation of all necessary plans for experts and subcontractors for lighting, electrical, plumbing, flooring, furniture and details of customization;
       Preparation of specifications for all other products of the project, which will be purchased from commercially available;
       Transmission of the project fully finished on paper and electronically.

You can choose either the complete design of your property, or each service or stage of these.

The final price is complex and is formed based on several criteria:
       Type of property - residential or public interior;
       Size / area / of the property;
       Desired stage or a separate design service;
       Style of the project - scale, uniqueness, detail;
       Deadline for implementation.

Therefore the value of a project is strictly individual and is the subject of specific discussion.